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What to pack in you "go time" bag!

My number one advice to clients is not to overpack! The hospital has all the underwear, pads, baby diapers (yours too!), peri bottles, and even nursing pumps that you could ever need. I do advise that you make sure you know what your individual birthing place provides for the birthing person, baby, and family as each birthing place is different.

Below is my suggested list for your go bag!

For the baby:

3 onesies hanging from a clothes line
  • Car Seat

  • going home outfit (two sizes!)

  • Bottles (if you plan to bottle feed)

  • Blanket

For the birthing person:

  • Boppy/bodyfeeding pillow

  • 2 outfits (1 going home outfit)

  • robe

  • Bathing suit (if you want to remain covered while showering or in the tub)

  • Toiletries (including all normal medications)

  • Nursing bra

For the Partner:

  • 2-3 comfortable outfits

  • Toiletries (including all normal medications)

  • Advil/Tylenol - or whatever you would normally use!

Paper & Documentation:

  • Copy of birth preferences/plan

  • ID's

  • Insurance Cards (copies or physical cards)

  • Pediatrician Information

Ambiance & Extras:

  • Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

  • Water bottle (with straw)

  • wireless speaker & charger

  • Laptop & charger

  • Pillow

  • Sleep mask

  • Bath Towel (hospital ones are TINY)

  • All chargers

Packing List
Download PDF • 5.35MB

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